4 places for parents to get a cocktail this fall

The beers of summer have given way to the sumptuous cocktails of fall, so why not lean into one this weekend after you’ve cleaned the hay, corn and SweeTarts off of the kids after whatever Halloween parade you bring them to? You’ve earned it. Here are a few places with a mature vibe and a mean cocktail list.  

The Promontory

Everything about this Hyde Park spot is cool and the cocktails are no exception. Eat your sorrows over parent-teacher conferences by wolfing down the enormous prawns of their shrimp and grits and knock it back with the “espresso yo’ self,” an autumnally earth-toned Grey Goose, espresso, Borghetti, and orange bitters cocktail.

5311 S. Lake Park Ave., Chicago

Income Tax

Edgwaterites still call Income Tax a favorite for wine, food and cocktails, as well. Why not stop in after gymnastics at the Armory and enjoy as a “stone fence”—Armagnac, Normandy cider, lemon, simple syrup and mint.

5959 N. Broadway Ave., Chicago


If you can keep the saccharine Don McLean song out of your head long enough to enjoy it, Vincent, a new American bistro is a great night out. Also, a great choice is their “Smoke & Mirrors” cocktail with smoke-infused old overholt rye, angostura bitters and orange. Drink slowly—tomorrow you need to bring the kids for a flu shot.

1475 W. Balmoral Ave., Chicago

Bangers and Lace

I love this place. The beer list insane, the decor features antlers but reads more hip hangout than “Gaston’s study” and the bangers are… bangin’? Try a “Canhattan” with Rye and Fernet and try to figure out why that fountain took so long to build.

810 Grove St., Evanston and 1670 W. Division St., Chicago 

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