19 “That moment when …” parenting memories

Becoming a parent pretty much turned my life upside down 16 months ago when my husband Walter and I welcomed our son Isaiah. It has been an incredible experience, and our speedy little explorer keeps us very busy! We have a ton of family fun, especially doing anything outdoors such as visiting the Chicago Botanic Garden. Thank goodness Walter and I can share a few laughs along the way. It makes those sleepless nights and epic messes easier to handle!


Fellow parents, you already know there are so many amazing aspects of parenthood like seeing a tiny, swaddled bundle crack a smile or cheering your tyke on for those first monumental steps. But along with all of the good stuff — and there is so much good stuff — there is a sampler platter of challenges. Rather than let them get you down, it is easier to see those challenging moments in a funny light. And now … drum roll please… I’d like to share 19 memories that I’ve experienced during the exhilarating and sometimes surreal time as a parent.


That moment when …


The area formerly known as your living room officially becomes the playroom.


You’re having a hard time remembering your last date.


You yell “No, don’t eat that!” but no actual food is in sight.


Your hubby dubs the Dyson vacuum an expensive Cheerio picker upper.


A friend, who is in the era B.B. (Before Baby), texts you about a four-hour nap, and you realize that is your average nightly sleep total.


You realize the last old school jam you rocked out to involved Cookie Monster.


You look around for the actual parent in charge to tackle a massive mess.


You realize that you are out of coffee and panic. I mean really panic!


Your toddler is upset, because you ended his under couch expedition.


You are finding a spot to stash your laptop or other expensive device, so your kid can’t get to it, meanwhile your kid is happily “using” said device.


You send a bestie a text like this: I am enjoying five minutes of peace in the parking lot of Mariano’s before I go in. The driver seat is reclined and the seat heater never felt so good. #mombreak


Your kitchen floor is clean and shiny for a fleeting moment, so you take a picture to prove it.


You consider how your coffee will taste if you microwave it, again.


Your husband is shaking keys on a ladder, and you are making wild funny faces to get your little one to smile for a pic, but the baby decides it’s time to perfect his funeral face.


Your toddler single-handedly relocates his entire play yard.


The sun has not come up, but your kiddo is revved up and ready to play.


You realize that your most intense recent workout involved chasing your toddler around a wedding reception.


You put your foot in a boot and find a grape your toddler stashed for later.


Your little one falls asleep early enough for you to snuggle in and finally watch that movie with your hubby, but you fall asleep as the movie begins.


Let’s keep the goofiness going! What would you add to the list? I would love to hear your favorite “That moment when …” parenting memories, so chime in!

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