Parenting is tough and sometimes we need a positive phrase to get us through the really hard days. That’s the inspiration behind Chicago Parent’s “My Mantra” series. Each issue, we feature a local mom or dad’s parenting mantra — a little phrase or idea that helps them through tough times — and give them the chance to talk a little more about their mantra in a video. Here, you’ll find all of the mantras that have been featured so far. Take a look and see if any resonate with you. And don’t forget to submit your own mantra to

My Mantra: To Everything There Is A Season, A Time for Every Purpose

Charlotte Betts is a Chicago-based digital creator, writer and mom of two.

My Mantra: Do Something Every Day That Makes You Happy

Meggan Teague is raising her 4-year-old daughter in downtown Chicago

My Mantra: Better Than Zero

This suburban mom of two girls is the blogger behind I do deClaire.

My Mantra: Nobody’s Going to Do It for You

This Highland Park dad who has been filling Chicagoland with music and fun for all ages.

My Mantra: Love Has the Power to Change the World

A self-confidence coach helps teens learn to love and believe in themselves so they can go after their goals with confidence.

My Mantra: I Only Live for Today

A wife and stay-at-home-mom to five children shares the mantra that she lives by.

My Mantra: I Am More Than What You See

A mom of two, who is also the author of two award-winning books, shares the mantra she lives by.

My Mantra: Be Present & Let the Little Things Go

A mom of three from Homewood shares her favorite mantra with fellow parents.

My Mantra: It’s All Part of the Adventure

One Chicago mom shares the mantra she lives by, which encourages families to have more experiences and adventures.

My Mantra: Let Love Be Your Guiding Force

A Chicago mom of five shares her favorite parenting mantra.