A Concerned Parent’s Guide to Gun Violence and Gun Safety

Find the facts on the latest gun laws, gun violence stats and gun safety tips. 

Uvalde. Las Vegas. Sandy Hook. Orlando. Parkland. El Paso. Highland Park. Every time there’s a mass shooting to hit national news, it’s hard enough for us parents to process this unfortunate reoccurrence. How do we even begin to explain this tragedy of gun violence to our own children? Again? And again?

Enough is enough. 

It’s only a matter a time when the next mass shooting occurs at an outdoor concert, church, school or even in our own Chicago neighborhoods. As parents, we need to do something to protect our children and others from gun violence.  

We created our guide below on gun violence and gun safety to help you get started. Setting politics aside, we’re sticking to the facts to keep parents educated on the latest gun safety reform laws, ways you can take action, how Chicagoans are affected by gun violence and other helpful resources. 

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What Parents Need to Know

Gun safety reform remains an ongoing debate and it’s hard to keep track of the most accurate information regarding gun violence in America. Educating ourselves is a great first step in order to stand up for our children.

In this section, we break down some of the statistics from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including how gun violence is the No. 1 cause of death for children in the United States, how to also focus on Chicago’s gun violence and more resources. 

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Gun Safety Movement Organizations to Get Involved

If you want to join the fight to help end gun violence, start with these organizations.

Innocents Lost: Facts About Gun Violence in Schools in America

The No. 1 cause of death in children in the U.S. is gun violence. Get the facts behind this stat and what we need to do to change this.

What the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Means for Families

This is the most significant new federal gun safety legislation in almost three decades.

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Voices and Local Stories

Gun violence affects families in many different ways and in Chicago, we understand how much it has impacted our communities. Some parents are faced with gun violence daily, while others are working hard on fighting to keep kids safe. 

We collected these local stories to give individuals the space to share their thoughts on gun violence and why this is an important issue for families.  

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Local Moms on a Mission to End Gun Violence

The March Fourth movement is now a non-profit organization with the mission to federally ban assault weapons.

An Unimaginable Tragedy in Highland Park

Mom urges people to rally for sensible gun laws to prevent mass shootings like the one that will forever mar Chicagoland families.

Chicago Moms Fighting to Keep Kids Alive Through Education

Tamar Manasseh created Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings to help protect her neighbors.

Gun Safety Tips

No matter how you feel about guns, they’re not going away anytime soon since the Second Amendment protects them. Parents who are worried about their kids around guns might be looking for extra information to keep their kids safe just in case.

This section includes how to teach kids to be aware in large crowds, talking with them about a tragedy and other gun safety tips. 

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Kids’ Mental Health Suffering from Gun Violence Exposure

New Lurie Children’s Hospital survey points to a need for action on gun safety and community action, with more kids scared and worried.

How to Prevent Firearm Accidents in the Home

For families who choose to keep a weapon for self-defense, taking time to properly secure the weapon is non-negotiable.

When Safety’s NOT in Numbers: Teaching Kids to Be Aware in Large Crowds

An expert explains what kids should be taught about safety in large crowds and at public events.