This Summer, Enrich Your Student with Customized Academic Skill Building

Learn why an individualized approach translates to academic success for your child. We share three key steps to getting started, with help from Academic Approach.

Kids are individuals with their own academic strengths, learning styles and personalities. Because all kids are different in essential ways, it makes sense to help them succeed academically with a customized, one-on-one tutoring program, says Matthew Pietrafetta, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Founder and CEO at Academic Approach, the academic tutoring and test prep organization in Chicago’s Lincoln Park and suburban Highland Park, Winnetka and Clarendon Hills.

“As preparations are in place to return to ‘normal’ academic schedules in fall 2021, at Academic Approach, we know it’s important for parents to understand the options for ensuring their students are supported and prepared for what’s ahead,” Pietrafetta says.

Since founding Academic Approach in 2001, Pietrafetta has supervised the organization’s instructional services, curriculum and technology development. He’s committed to the continuous quality improvement of Academic Approach’s instructional practices and services and their model of a skill-development approach to test preparation.

For test prep, seize the summer

As summer approaches, kids enjoy a more relaxed schedule — which can be the perfect time to engage in academic enrichment opportunities, Pietrafetta says. This is an especially great time for those high school juniors who are eager to launch into ACT and SAT prep. Additional time to prepare in a summer schedule with fewer activities fighting for your teen’s attention translate to better success on the test.

“Not surprisingly, our data shows that students who begin preparing for college entrance exams in the summer show greater growth on the final official test than those who begin during the school year,” Pietrafetta says. “In fact, students who start the summer before junior year versus their junior spring can double their growth.”

It is the research-based, expert instruction with a curriculum that is individually tailored to each student’s unique needs that combine to make the Academic Approach support so successful.

Wondering how you can get your child started? Read on to learn more.

  • Personalized Consultation. One of Academic Approach’s expert directors meets with each family to learn more about their student’s unique needs and learning style. They’ll also ask specific questions about their aspirations for their future. The director will then tailor a highly effective study plan to target specific goals.
  • Customized Tutoring Program. The experts at Academic Approach will design a personalized program to identify high-impact gaps in skills and strategies. Because they know that your child will learn best from a tutor they can relate to, Academic Approach will provide an expert match for a satisfying one-on-one teaching experience. The tutor will uncover your child’s academic talents and motivate them to best achieve success through an effective curriculum. Because schedules are important and families are busy, Academic Approach works to find the best time to engage with your child. 
  • Ongoing Support: As your student begins work with the Academic Approach program, directors will continue to work with your family to ensure your tutoring program meets your needs. Their top priority is to guide and motivate your student consistently to become a more confident, successful test-taker and student. 

“This summer, we’ll be celebrating 20 years of helping thousands of students succeed through our approach, providing students with skills and strategies to increase both their standardized test scores and their overall academic performances,” Pietrafetta says.  

Learn more about how to build a summer academic tutoring program that can enrich your student and work for your family, visit Academic Approach at, or contact them through their contact form

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