A+ Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Our kids' teachers deserve some serious recognition.

Teachers change the lives of millions of kids each and every day. Considering the amount of inspiration, motivation and love that teachers provide to students, they deserve some serious recognition.

National Teacher’s Day falls on May 2 this year, and National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8-12. Go the extra mile to show your appreciation for the teachers in your children’s lives, just like they go the extra mile for your kids every day!  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Thanks for helping me grow

Succulents are a great gift considering they are low maintenance and can outlast flowers. Let your child plant a few small succulents for their teacher in a cute jar or pot. Or you could even get away with fake succulents to bring some green to the classroom year-round. Attach a note about how your child’s teacher has helped them grow and advance through the school year. If you don’t have a green thumb, teachers always appreciate fresh flowers or even a small orchid plant.

Thanks for quenching my thirst for knowledge

Get your favorite teachers their own custom water bottles, coffee mugs or tumblers to keep them hydrated and caffeinated! Personalize the drink container with their name or their favorite motto. This is a gift that teachers will use on a daily basis. Plus, every time they use it, they will remember your child!

From the desk of…

Order special notepads or post-its with personalization such as, “From the desk of Mrs. Pines” or “A note from Ms. Smith.” They are useful and adorable. Or go the next step and get personalized stationary. Think of all those thank you notes teachers write each year for holiday or end of year gifts. Make that much easier by providing them the stationary this year.

You’re the glue that keeps us together

Some schools are blessed with plenty of classroom supplies, but most run out as the year goes by. So gift your teacher with an overflowing bucket of classroom supplies. Who doesn’t love a new stash of Sharpies, highlighters, dry erase markers or a favorite pen? Throw in some hand sanitizer or Clorox wipes to keep them safe from all those kid germs!

Thanks for making me a smart cookie

Nothing says thank you quite like a  sweet treat. Bake or order a giant cookie cake with the message, “Thanks for making me a smart cookie!” Or take a glass car and fill it with measured cookie ingredients so your teacher can easily whip up a batch of fresh cookies at home. Places like Trader Joe’s or Target often sell cookies-in-a-jar kits, too.

Being in your class is a treat

A small gesture is better than nothing at all. So even a bag of your teacher’s favorite candy or snack can bring a smile. Or buy Starbucks gift cards because each and every teacher appreciates and deserves all the free coffee they can get! And when it comes down to it, handwritten notes from both parents and students are the thing that teachers remember the most.

Create a favorites survey

To make Teacher Appreciation Week easier next year, create a “Teacher’s Favorites Survey.” Give it to each classroom teacher at the beginning of the year to fill in their favorite stores, places for gift cards, candy and snacks. Then share it will the parents of the class leading up to Teacher Appreciation Week. I am sure they will forget about that little survey, but be thrilled when they are surprised with their absolute favorites!

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