Parents share ideas

“Our most creative idea for a teacher gift is a student class quilt. It includes a picture of all the students in her class and a larger picture of the teacher in the middle with the school year embroidered at the bottom. It is a very personal and memorable keepsake for the teacher to treasure for years to come.”

Laura Wysocki

“I think homemade gifts from the children, making them themselves, are really meaningful. My daughter loves to make cookies. She loves to sprinkle and decorate. Once we’re done with that, I’ve planned on getting a special container she can decorate and put the teacher’s name on. Of course this will be with Mommy’s help, but her little hands will have a big part in making it personal and thoughtful.”

Kari Domiter

“Perhaps the best gift we can give to a teacher is recognition and appreciation. Recognizing that teachers not only spend their days with our children, but often bring them home in their hearts each evening, appreciating that they make extensive plans and teach with the intention of enriching our children’s lives. My sister is a teacher and I have seen her come home with many‘material’ gifts but none were as treasured as personal cards and letters with heartfelt sentiments.”

Marie Soriano

“Gifts with a personal touch seem to be treasured the most. With life so fast paced these days, a lot of people tend to send e-cards and buy gift cards because they just don’t have the time. Those things can be a bit impersonal. It means so much more when a person takes the time to really think about the cards and gifts he/she is giving.”

Natalie Stover

“I taught high school special education for 30 years and still have a good supply of Brut and soap on a rope. I decided to become a little more proactive and asked parents to contribute educational videos or magazine subscriptions our class could use. I also coached our Special Olympics basketball team and my students knew I had a collection of eagles. I received many treasured pieces, but I’d have to say my most treasured moment was when one of my students wrapped up his Pinewood Derby car on which he had drawn an eagle.”

Pete Post

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