24 Online Learning Resources for Kids

Worried about how to keep your kiddo engaged during the COVID-19 crisis? Hands-on experience and free play are best but the internet has also become a great resource. We have collected our favorite online resources to help bridge the gap while school is out. 

Online Classes

Online classes are becoming more popular as technology has allowed teachers and students more tools to log in. 


Age: Pre-K-12

Device: Computer or any device that allows web conferencing

Cost: Varies. Each teacher sets their class pricing.

Outschool is the closest resource to an actual class. Students can browse hundreds of subjects and sign up for the class that works for them. Most often done through Video Conference apps, they offer one-off classes on special topics, as well as ongoing classes for deeper learning.

Kids’ Club Spanish School

Age: At least 4

Device: Computer only

Cost: Free trial available. $20 per 30-minute class (as low as $18 with packages)

Kids’ Club Spanish School is a one-on-one online class. Spanish teachers are located all over the world and tutor students in an immersive learning experience though a video conference interface and shared screen.


Mobile Device apps provide more flexible learning options. They can be done in the child’s own time and pace.

Libby by Overdrive

Age: All

Device: iOS 9.0 or later, Android

Cost: Free. You need an active library card at a participating library 

Libby has linked with tons of libraries to offer e-books and audiobook loans. Download the app, put your library info in and gain access to thousands of books.


Age: All

Device: iOS, Android and computer

Cost: $14.99 per month and includes 1 book credit every month

Audible is one of the biggest audiobook providers and offers a great selection of children’s books. Audible Members also get access to Audible originals.  


Age: All

Device: iOS, Android and computer

Cost: Varies per book

Kindle remains one of the best resources to have your child’s favorite book at your fingertips. If you need to freshen up what you are reading but can’t leave the house, this is your friend!


Age: PreK-3rd Grade

Device: Computers, tablets and mobile devices

Cost: Starting at $35 per year (Schools may have subscriptions.)

Starfall is a comprehensive learning app. Family accounts allow multiple children to use the app and at their own pace.  

ABC Mouse

Age: PreK-2nd Grade

Device: Computers, tablets and smartphones

Cost: Starts at $9.95 per month

ABC is a popular comprehensive learning app. One family membership can be used for multiple children since each child can have their own profile.


Age: 1st-8th Grade

Device: Computer, iOS and Android

Cost: Free with a paid upgrade available. If your school has an account they may be able to provide free access from home.

Prodigy Math is an adventure focused math program that feels like a video game. To progress through worlds and battles, students answer math questions.


Age: 2-8 

Device: iOS, Android and computer

Cost: $7.95/month after 30-day free trial

Homer is an early literacy app. One membership allows for multiple children per family. Each child has a custom profile for their level and interest. There are games, videos and activities that take children along a path through literacy and phonics.


Podcasts can bring a world of content into homes without a screen. A simple search on Spotify will bring up amazing content on almost any topic. Here are some geared toward learning that I use: 

Wow in the World

Age: At least 4

Cost: Free through a podcast app

Wow in the World is focused on science, technology and innovation. Children PreKthrough elementary school will enjoy the deep level on info and wacky facts!

Brains On

Age: At least 4 

Cost: Free through a podcast app

Brains On episodes are full of curiosity and exploration of science and history, as well as current events.  

Smash Boom Best

Age: At least 4

Cost: Free through a podcast app

Smash Boom Best is a fast-paced debate podcast for kids. Each episode brings two ideas and debates them, leaving viewers to decide which thing or idea is the best.  

Story Time Pirates

Age: At least 4 

Cost: Free through a podcast app

Story Pirates is a sketch comedy show based on stories submitted by children. Listeners can submit their wild and wacky stories for a chance to be featured in an episode.


Cosmic Kids Yoga

Age: At least 2 

Cost: Free on YouTube

Jamie uses imaginative adventures to guide children through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Yoga with Adrienne

Age: At least 7

Cost: Free on YouTube

Kids and grown-ups learn how to practice yoga with an experienced yogi.

Basho and Friends

Age: At least 2 

Cost: Free on YouTube

Basho and Friends uses original music videos to teach children Spanish, French and Mandarin. Accessing language learning through music is just another way to increase the likelihood of retention.

Culture Groove

Age: At least 3 

Cost: Free on YouTube

Culture Groove exposes children to Indian culture through dance and story videos. Aiming to help parents raise multicultural kids, their videos are a window into the history and fun of Indian traditions


Age: All

Cost: $12.99 per month

A Netflix membership offers a plethora of content for children. It also offers a large library of documentaries. To access many of them, be sure to be on a parent account, then explore deep sea diving, outer space, philosophy or any other topic you can think of.

Amazon Prime

Age: All

Cost: $2.99/month after free trial, plus Amazon Prime membership

CuriosityStream channel on Amazon Prime is an extensive collection of documentaries based in science, technology and history.


Age: All

Cost: $6.99/month

If you’re looking for more educational shows on Disney+, Disney Junior shows are a great option for your little ones. Older kids will enjoy the documentaries or maybe have them read the book before watching the movie adaptation. 


Age: K-5

Cost: Free

Listen to your favorite celebrities read children’s books in these pre-recorded videos. Activity guides are also provided for each storytime. 


Age: 2-8

Cost: $4.99 per month (1 month free trial)

Vooks is a streaming service aimed to provide better screen time for kids with their digital library of animated storybooks. At-home lesson plans are also available for some of their titles. 


Scholastic Learn at Home

Age: PreK-6th Grade

Cost: Free 

Divided by your child’s grade level, every project includes a theme with stories, videos and other activities. Scholastic has made signing up free for families as they stay home. New activities will be added weekly. 


Age: PreK-Kindergarten

Cost: Free

Nickelodeon brings you weekly activities that will help your kids grow. They’ll love learning along with their favorite characters from shows like Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies.  

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