New children’s museum opens in Oak Lawn

Kids can use real tools to build, climb into a treehouse, explore nature and water and put on a show at the new Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn, which opened July 27.

“I think we truly offer a unique experience; there’s nothing like this on the South Side,” he says. “There are children’s museums that you go into that feel disjointed; this isn’t one of them.”

The museum will continue to reinforce the Illinois standards with hands-on learning while also maintaining parents’ ability to keep their eyes on their kids.

“It’s been an experience like no other that I’ve ever had,” Woodworth says about creating the new museum. “I always say some days we move fast, some days we move slow, but every day we move forward. It’s taken a lot of donor support, a lot of volunteers who have put countless hours into this project to make this project happen.”

Throughout August, the museum will offer spontaneous programs and entertainment, he says.

And yes, kids will still be able to decorate and fly a kite inside.

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