10 Really Cool Products Not on Your Kid’s School Supply List

These kid-approved products are almost too cool for school.

The start of school is just around the corner. While most busy parents have likely crossed all of the traditional school supplies like pencils and glue sticks off the back-to-school supply list, you might be missing a few.

We’ve uncovered some splurge-worthy items that are sure to come in handy – especially in a pandemic world.

Hand sanitizer holder

Photo Credit: Bath & Body Works
  • Cost: $3.95-$5.95

Bath & Body Works has a full range of adorable holders for small hand sanitizer bottles, ranging from light-up caticorns and crabs to avocados and pineapples. These easily hook onto any backpack.

Triple layer cloth face masks

Photo Credit: Old Navy
  • Cost: $12.50

The Illinois mask mandate requires all students, at K-12 schools to wear face masks. Knowing they’ll likely get dirty, its best to have extra masks. We’re big fans of these triple layer cloth face masks, which come in a set of five. In addition to being lightweight and easy to breathe through, they come in a variety of colors and designs.

Mask lanyards

Photo Credit: Amazon
  • Cost: $8.95

Now that you’ve got the extra masks covered, the best way not to lose them is with a mask lanyard, that easily turns any mask into a necklace. This set of 10 is kid-approved, and comes in all colors.

Blue light blocking glasses

Photo Credit: Amazon
  • Cost: $9.99

Students will likely be engaging in more screen time again this year due to the pandemic. Many assignments which use technology create exposure to blue light, which can cause eye fatigue and headaches, leading to sleep disruption. Blue light blocking glasses are affordable, non-prescription glasses designed to reduce the effects on a child’s eyes.

Collapsible water bottle

Photo Credit: Target
  • Cost: $17.99

Kids can stay hydrated the sustainable way with this 20-oz water bottle that collapses down to a small sphere to fit perfectly inside an already crowded backpack or locker. We especially love the leak-proof cap.

Stasher bags

Photo Credit: Amazon
  • Cost: Starts at$7.49

Whether your student is hauling a snack to school, carrying cash for a book fair or simply wants to organize their supplies, Stasher Bags are a great reusable option for any of these scenarios.

Bento-style lunch boxes

Photo Credit: Target
  • Cost: $24.99

Designed for kids on the go, these bento-style lunch boxes have five compartments that are the perfect size for sandwiches or salads, and quick snacks like fruit or veggies. There’s also a small compartment for dipping sauces. Our favorite part? These are dishwasher safe!

Rocketbook smart reusable notebook

Photo Credit: Amazon
  • Cost: $29.99

We can’t get enough of the Rocketbook smart notebooks. Ideal for high schoolers who are technology obsessed, after writing in the notebook with the included Frixon pen, they can simply upload their handwritten notes to a cloud service using the free Rocketbook app. You don’t have to waste paper either! Once a notebook is full, it can be wiped clean by dampening the cloth that’s provided.

Homework folder

Photo Credit: PB Teen
  • Cost: $34.50

Kids can keep everything organized with a dedicated folder to hold their homework. Made from recycled water-resistant materials, these colorful options feature interior pockets for pencils, pens and other school supplies.

Erasable highlighters

  • Cost: $10.50

We all go a little highlighter crazy sometimes. Because it’s easy to make mistakes, we love these erasable highlighters, which feature one side for highlighting and the other for erasing. The set of six comes in every color of the rainbow.

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