Back-to-school products we love

(Almost) too cute for school 

Your little ones will skip out the door this year and you’ll be swooning at the cuteness thanks to the 27 animal options in Skip Hop’s Zoo Packs. (Our faves are the London Leopard and Dax Dalmatian.) Lunchboxes, $15, matching water bottle, $7, adorable backpack, $20;

Stick it to the man

… With the unconventional and fun styles of Post-it Notes, that is. The emoji Post-its are sure to be a hit. One pack includes four emotions for kids to stick on every surface imaginable (from $2.99) so maybe they’ll stay more organized. For trendy kids (or parents), pick up a fun vintage Post-it Pop-up Note Camera Dispenser (from $9.99).

What’s that stink?

Parents of active kids know that their odors can be overwhelming (hazmat suit, anyone?). Now Remodeez comes to the stinky rescue. Packs of activated charcoal and coconut husks neutralize and absorb the odors. Perfectly sized for shoes, lockers and even gear bags and mini-vans filled with boys. $9.99,

Better baggies

The earth has a ton of baggage, specifically all those sandwich bags we use to pack lunches and snacks. Stasher is an easily sealable, freezable and reusable alternative. Did we mention that they are also microwave and dishwasher safe? The kids will love the fun patterns or the special notes parents can write using a dry erase marker. $9.99-$11.99,


If you consider yourself a smart cookie, the choice of Otis Spunkmeyer’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie is easy for this year’s lunches. And Spunkmeyer means no artificial flavors or colors for hungry tummies. Their snack cakes satisfy a multitude of tastes, including Iced Lemon loaf or this fall, the Iced Pumpkin and Cinnamon Crumb Loaf cakes.

Handy helper

While moms have the uncanny ability to find every misplaced item their kids lose, they can’t recreate their kids’ notes for that important test. Now your kid can digitally store their notes with the IRISNotes Air 3. It creates editable digital copies of any notes or drawings when the receiver is clipped onto standard paper and paired with the digital pen. Come to think of it, moms might want one, too. $149,

Germs begone

The crud that comes home in the bottom of the kids’ lunchboxes can be seriously disgusting! That’s where e-cloth comes in. The allergy-free polyester and polyamide fibers make combating lurking bacteria, yeast and mold nightly a breeze. It is reusable up to 300 washes. $7.99,

Lunch. Mastered.

Nalgene’s dishwasher-safe Lunch Box Buddy ($24.99) is a parent’s best friend. Just add Nalgene’s portion control storage containers and you’ll have making lunches the night before mastered. Plus, you probably already know few water bottles beat Nalgene’s; this year’s Marvel Collection line includes kid fave Spider-Man. ($11.99).

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