9 Digital Resources to Help Your Kids Learn About The Environment

Photo Credit: Disneynature’s Elephant 


When celebrating Earth Day, families can easily learn more about our environment with these resources available online. Explore the following online environmental educational tools including apps, websites and documentaries.




Our Planet

Netflix’s documentary series, Our Planet, has a self-guided planet tour as you explore fresh water, high seas, jungles and other habitats. Each habitat module provides facts, visuals and ideas on how you can help the planet.


NASA Climate Kids

NASA Climate Kids helps parents answer their kid’s questions such as “How do clouds affect Earth’s climate?” and “What is climate change?” The website also has fun games and videos focused on the environment.


Mission 1.5

Take action on climate change with this web-based game for kids. Users can learn all about climate change and what needs to be done to stop it. It’s also a great resource for kids to learn more about the government’s role in this rising movement.




Earth Challenge 2020

This newly-launched app allows you to help out the planet with various activities. For example, have you seen plastic lying around on your walk? Take a photo and confirm your location to contribute to research quality environmental data for scientists.


WWF Together

Learn about endangered species around the world with this free, interactive app. While you read stories about these amazing animals, you’ll also take part in some fun activities like trying out “tiger” vision or flapping your wings like a migrating butterfly.


Toca Lab: Plants

The Toca Lab Series offers creative apps for kids to learn about science. In Toca Lab: Plants, kids can experiment on plants with light, watering, cloning and more. There are about 35 different plant characters in the app ($1).


Documentaries & Podcasts




Disneynature has more than a dozen nature documentary films aimed for families to learn more about animals and our environment. Their more recent films, Elephant and Dolphin Reef are now on Disney+.


Chasing Ice


For families with older kids (ages 13+), this 2012 documentary comes with powerful visuals to help explain about the planet’s melting glaciers.


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: The Podcast

Do you love the Rebel Girls book series? If so, listen in on April 21 as the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: The Podcast tells the story of Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist.


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