Educational YouTube Channels for Kids to Watch

YouTube can be a great learning resource for your child!

YouTube can be a great learning resource for your child. With videos that teach, entertain and enlighten, kids – and parents – can find homework help, pass the time and learn a new skill. Here are a few of our favorites.

Academic Learning


  • Best for grades: PreK-K

Animated alphabet blocks teach phonics and reading in short, 5- to 12-minute videos. Kids will learn words through games and short stories.

Sesame Street

  • Best for grades: PreK-1

Fans of the Street will learn to count, say the alphabet, about kindness and the properties of Sesame Street. Older videos – the ones parents remember – can also be found on the Sesame Street YouTube Channel.


  • Best for grades: 1-8

Covering topics from Algebra to Pythagorean Theorem to Decimal Arithmetic, Mathantics are a combination of math and animation that makes learning math actually fun. Each video is nine to 13 minutes long, and there are more than 70 videos on the site.


  • Best for grades: 1-3

If animation isn’t your kid’s game and he or she prefers songs, Numberocks is the answer. Songs about math teach kids fractions, place value and coins, among others.

NatGeo Kids

  • Best for grades: 1-6

Videos range from geography lessons to underwater sea exploration. Kids can go on adventures with Barbie, take a trip behind the scenes of Explorer Academy, learn “Weird But True” facts about the planet in a minute or less, and tackle questions about science.

McGraw-Hill PreK-12

  • Best for: All ages and parents

Initially designed for teachers, this is a great resource for parents who have just become teachers to help find videos to teach about subjects from science to literature. Some of the most popular downloaded videos are animations about comparing and contrasting and using context clues in reading.

Ted-Ed Kids

  • Best for grades: Elementary + older

Based off of the original TedTalk series, Ted-Ed videos are short, animated videos about ideas and research that spark the curiosity of learners everywhere. These videos are perfect for all students and teachers that enjoy a quick summary of useful information and life lessons.


Cosmic Kids Yoga

  • Best for grades: PreK-6

Follow Jamie through kid-approved yoga workouts and stories they love (Frozen, Moana, Trolls, Minecraft, Star Wars, the list goes on). There are also relaxation guides and exercises separated by age group.

Guided Meditation

  • Best for grades: Elementary

New Horizon – Meditation and Sleep Stories teach kids about breathing deeply and creating a calm and meditative state if they’re feeling cooped up and need to relax. These are really great for all of us.

Family Cardio

  • Best for grades: Elementary

PopSugar Fitness created a video for families to work out together, with kid-friendly moves and up-beat music they’ll love. It’s a quick 13 minutes to shake the wiggles out in case it’s too cold/rainy to get outside.

Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons

  • Best for grades: All ages

Center Stage Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Academy teaches new learners of all ages through simple and easy-to-follow videos. If there’s extra time stuck inside (with no sports to play outside), the whole family can form a band.

Piano Lessons

  • Best for grades: All ages

Talent Playground is great for piano learners in all stages. If you’re looking to supplement while your child can’t take lessons or start something new, these videos teach rhythm and early music theory as well as chords and how to pound out a song.

Nursery Rhymes

  • Best for grades: PreK

Universal Kids Preschool – the YouTube division of the television channel – has rounded up its best Rhyme Town Nursery Rhymes for toddlers to sign along. Fans of Mickey Mouse and Company can check out Disney Junior’s list of Rhymes, including one in which Doc McStuffins teaches kids how to wash their hands.

Crafts & Play


  • Best for grades: 3-6

Bailey Makes the Cake is a young baker who teaches other young bakers how to make everything from oven-less cakes (microwave) to Cookie Monster cupcakes. Kids learning from kids! If your kids are ready to make dinner, try Messy Hands – Kids Cooking, a YouTube channel that teaches breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

Science Crafts & Experiments

  • Best for grades: PreK-3

The Dad Lab is run by a SAHD who has MacGyvered many ways to teach his young kids science and fun. Duplicating his experiments at home with your own kids helps them learn about Legos, Science, Balloons and the fun can go indoors or out.


  • Best for grades: Elementary

Kids can learn easy magic tricks to impress their friends when they return to school. Most require simple household items, so no shopping necessary.


  • Best for grades: PreK-Early Elementary

For both parents and kids, learn how to make crafts for holidays, the season or just a way to eat time from 5-Minute Crafts PLAY. Kids can learn how to be spies or just make everyday objects more useful.

Ryan’s World: Experiments and Fun

  • Best for grades: PreK-Elementary

Meet Ryan, a boy who loves doing everything from science experiments to making music videos, skits, challenges, DIY arts and crafts and more. Kids can learn about the world around them while watching entertaining content from a boy who does it all.

Crochet & Knitting

  • Best for grades: Elementary-high school

If your kids – or you – want to learn a new craft to make presents, start with a YouTube tutorial. With Erin’s Crafts for Kids, a 7-year-old teaches other kids how to crochet using simple steps. Scribble has great DIY videos, including Knitting for Kids, Drawing and Making a Picture Frame.


  • Best for grades: Early elementary-middle school

Kids with dexterity and attention span are perfect to learn the art of paper folding. They can impress family with their abilities to fold napkins, envelopes and even money after learning from these videos.

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