Educational Board Games for Kids

Try one of these exciting board games that make learning fun at your next family game night.

Board games aren’t just a fun way to pass the time on a cold or rainy day — they can also be excellent tools for learning. Switch up your family’s routine with a family board game night and watch your children’s minds go to work. 

These games provide a unique opportunity for your kids to learn important skills, like critical thinking, problem solving and working together as a team, all while having fun. Gather your family and get ready to have a blast with these eight educational board games. 


Think learning math skills has to be boring? Think again. Each card in this monstrously fun game features four math challenges with different levels of difficulty. To add to the excitement, there are alternative ways to play, like options to make the game collaborative or turn it into Minute to Win It. 

Hoot Owl Hoot!

Cooperative games, where players work together instead of against each other, are ideal for preschoolers. In this color coordinated matching game, the goal is to help the owls return to their nests before the sun comes up. The cooperative nature of the game keeps it low key and non-stressful, plus kids are working on decision making, emotional development and creative problem solving.  


This classic two-player math strategy game is perfect for one on one time with your child. Each participant takes turns depositing stones in the board’s pockets moving counterclockwise until all pockets are empty on one side. The player who collects the most stones wins. Mancala is fast and easy to learn, plus it helps kids build observation and logic skills. 

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel

The goal of the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is to help your forest pals find their acorns. The game helps preschoolers practice their matching, color and fine motor skills, plus it helps little ones develop strategic thinking. 

I Should Have Known That!

Challenge your teens to this trivia game that’s full of head scratchers. From questions like “Is a penguin a bird?” to “What is the largest island in the world?,” I Should Have Known That! is perfect for road trips and family vacations. 

Sight Word Swat!

Early readers can work on their sight word skills while having a blast with this silly sight word game. When a sight word is called out, kids swat the word on the matching fly. The element of speed helps develop reading fluency and confidence. Even better, the cards feature different grade level sight words, so the game grows with your child. 

Trekking the National Parks 

Here’s an entertaining way to learn about geography and our country’s beautiful National Parks. Created by a couple that has visited all 63, the game’s objective is to collect the most parks as players “hike” around the US. Aimed at kids ten and older, the strategy game may even inspire your family to plan a National Park trip this summer. 

Charades for Kids

Here’s a new spin on the classic game of Charades, and it’s inclusive to non-readers. Each card features clues with pictures for preschoolers, but three levels of play keep the game challenging for older kids, too. Acting out the clues encourages children to use their imaginations and creative thinking.

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