Anti-Racism Videos to Watch with Your Kids

These YouTube videos provide some educational value for kids of all ages.

As parents, we’re focusing now more than ever to raise anti-racist kids. While it begins by having lots of conversations about race and racism with your children, there are other ways to educate kids about anti-racism with books, movies and more. We’ve rounded up some anti-racism videos that you can watch with your kids now.

Sesame Street: How to be an Upstander to Racism Song

Sesame Street has a great collection of videos on its YouTube channel focused on race. This song explains what to do if you see someone treated unfairly due to the color of their skin. Kids can learn how to speak up when racism occurs and share what they witnessed with an adult.

A Kids Book About Racism

A Kids Book About Racism is a must-have book for any anti-racism children’s literature collection. This video features author Jelani Memory as he reads his book and you can hear him explain his story.

Arthur on Racism: Talk, Listen and Act

Popular PBS Kids show, Arthur, reflects on Black Lives Matter with a special video. Arthur and Buster talk to Mrs. MacGrady about what they can do to actively fight racism, which will inspire kids to try out these anti-racist actions at home.

What Black Lives Matter Means to an 11-Year-Old

Sometimes it’s helpful for children to hear from people their own age when discussing issues in the world. Eleven-year-old Jolia Bossette originally shared her perspective in a fifth grade graduation speech in 2020 called, “My Skin Is Not A Threat.”

Let’s Talk About Race

Kindergarten teacher Vera Ahiyya went viral when she made a video to help talk with younger kids about race. If parents are struggling to find the right words on how to explain racism, this video is a great start.

Systematic Racism Explained

Older kids can begin to understand systematic racism in the United States with this explanation video that covers today’s race issues such as incarceration rates and job hiring. The video break downs the complexity of systematic racism and racial bias.

Kendrick Sampson Reads Antiracist Baby

Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi shares simple steps about how to start kids on a path to anti-racism. In this video, the book is read by actor Kendrick Sampson and the interactive storytelling video will engage your little ones. Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices is also an excellent show to watch on Netflix.

Sesame Street: What is Racism?

Here’s another Sesame Street video to add to your anti-racism playlist. Chris from Sesame Street explains racism to kids by telling a story about a boy who experienced racism while playing superheroes and how he stood up for himself.

Black Lives Matter Song

Hopster uses the power of song to help explain the Black Lives Matter movement to kids. We love a catchy song that includes an important message! Plus, it also explains how you can stand up for Black Lives Matter, too.

Sesame Street: Color of Me Song

Introduced by the Great Sesame Street is a song that allows you to fly your colors high! “Whatever color you are, sing along” is a catchy, yet meaningful tune for children to sing along to and learn about anti-racism.

Discrimination Explained for Kids

Pop’n’Olly teaches children more about what is discrimination, how it shows up in life, and what they can do prevent it! Pop, and Olly, keep the conversation flowing by encouraging real world actions to overcome these measures.

A Kids Book About Belonging

Kevin Caroll reads aloud his book about kids, and finding their place in society. It addresses important topics that are crucial to the modern world today: belonging when you feel like you don’t fit in, and how to embrace your differences. Kevin flips through, page-by-page, to show the value of being different throughout a simple, yet meaningful, approach to this topic.

Say Something: Read Aloud

Stand up, and speak up! Make the choice to use that voice, to make a difference in the world. Kids learn to empower themselves throughout using their voices to speak for change. In this video of the book SAY SOMETHING, by Peter H. Reynolds, kids take away a powerful message they can apply to their lives.

We Got Work to Do!

Alphabet Rockers created a sing-along playlist that will make you want to get up, and dance. This anti-racism playlist lines up the perfect songs for an educational music experience. Not only is the music good but the children are the one’s singing and performing! Take a tour through their music and learn more about justice for change in society.

Kids Can Be Changemakers in Their Communities

Meet The Helpers released a video about how kids, no matter what background or age, can be an activist for change in their community. This video among others is a great educational resource to learn from inspirational “helper” figures, and apply it to your own life. The fun animations make it easy to follow, and learn along.

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