(6+1) reasons you’ll love Revolution Math

Remember when we were kids and we’d win a free personal pan pizza after reading for so many hours? Parents with the patience for homework duty should receive a similar reward at the end of the school year. As summer break is quickly approaching, we need creative solutions for keeping up on all the academic work we’ve put in over the last nine months. The vast options of summer camps and activities to keep the kids busy had my head spinning as I tried to juggle what, where, how much and who is going to drive.

Then I found Revolution Math.

This one-hour-a-week interactive math tutoring is saving me so much time and stress. Math has never been my subject, so I gladly welcome an online tutor into my home to help me save my daughter from that same defeated statement. Here are seven reasons that I’m thrilled to have discovered Revolution Math.

Best of all, Revolution Math is offering all Chicago Parent readers four free weeks of its tutoring adventures and a complimentary learning kit. Use the code CHICAGO18 at revolutionmath.com.

It’s online

You don’t have to fret about rushing to get to the tutor on time, or even cleaning up so the tutor can come over. Revolution Math offers video conferencing tutoring, with small class sizes (four students max) in the comfort of your home. Your child benefits from the interaction with other students, engaging in a modern telecommunications format and the same tutor each week. You provide a quiet space, computer and headphones, Revolution Math takes care of the rest … while you rest.

Story-based curriculum

There is no greater educational strategy than play. This story-based curriculum keeps the children engaged in the progress the colorful characters are making on adventures. Each unit follows a story, so the kiddos remain focused on where the character is headed next, in some instances not even realizing they are calculating solutions. Mixing adventure and math, I wish this existed when I was a kid.

So much laughter

The laughter was probably the best surprise to come of an hour of math tutoring. Each student can send emojis in response to the coursework or conversations. This simple interaction with each other sparked laughter from the very first class. Children are so much better at making friends and being at home helps each student feel comfortable in engaging with each other. The cute characters within the stories and the unique character that each student brings help to keep the environment fun and engaging.

Communicated results

After the laughter-fest, I’ll admit I was a bit concerned about how focused or disruptive my little hyena had been. The fears were almost immediately relieved when a recap email arrived. The tutor sent a quick email explaining what adventure they had been on, the skills the students had been working on and a general overview of where the class’s skills were overall. She also provided an overview on where she saw improvement week over week. The tutor’s email even addressed how much laughing together helped the children to feel more engaged with each other.


After completing each session, the students earn gems, which are stored on the dashboard. They can then trade in the earned gems for prizes! Who doesn’t love prizes? The gems can be traded in for fun sticker packs or saved for bigger prizes such as a fitness tracker or robot. My girl was sold on Revolution Math just because she was having fun, the idea of receiving a prize in the mail was a major bonus for her.

Quality educators

These aren’t college kids on summer break. The tutors at Revolution Math are full-time educators who sincerely seem to appreciate the benefits that this platform offers. Our tutor was vibrantly energetic yet focused on the task at hand despite the giggles. I think she may have been encouraging giggling, actually.

If you can recall the one teacher who stands out from your own childhood, you know the value a great teacher can have. When a teacher cares, a student learns and feels more confident. That is the type of attention and care these tutors offer, because they have experience and four kids to share it with.

Competitive pricing

In the world of tutoring, the prices range as broadly as the quality does. As parents, we always want the best for our children, but the highest price tag doesn’t always constitute the best quality. With Revolution Math, you have the benefit of being home (did I mention that already?), the same tutor each week, and highly competitive pricing. You can sign up for a month over month plan, or for a year, to save even more.

In keeping our kiddos sharp over summer, confident during the school year and prepared for long-term academic success we seek out the best programs. Revolution Math is an exemplary program that will keep the kiddos engaged, laughing and most importantly, learning.

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