5 after school enrichment programs in Chicagoland

Third grade is typically the time when children are separated from their peers based on how they are performing academically. There are those labeled “gifted” or “advanced”; then you have those who fall in the middle of the pack, and those who are at risk of falling behind.

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school, and sometimes that takes extra outside attention and academic support. Here are five places in nearby Oak Park where children can receive tutoring, no matter where they fall academically.


This math-only method is great for kids who need extra help, or for those who are already excelling, but need a challenge. Mathnasium assesses each child individually, and builds specialized instruction around what will make sense to that child. Their goal is not only to teach math, but to help develop a love for it.

1101 Chicago Ave., Oak Park + Multiple Chicagoland locations

Kumon Math and Reading Center

Kumon offers math and reading help for children who need to catch up, or who seek enrichment. They want each child to become motivated and self-reliant with tools they give them. 

137 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park + Multiple Chicagoland locations

Magical Minds Studio

While many kids hit their stride in math or reading, sometimes kids with a passion for the arts need an outlet, too. Magical Minds offers various specialties for children with a desire to create. Classes offered includes pottery, sewing, 3D printing and woodworking.

110 Madison St., Oak Park

The Language and Music School

Where else can a child can learn Spanish while also learning to play the piano? The Language and Music School understands the value of cultural awareness and enrichment as a key stepping stone in a child’s life. 

150 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park

The Learning League LLC

The Learning League has a focus on math, writing and reading. Programs are designed to get children to think critically and develop problem solving skills. They stress this by giving each child individual attention through one-on-one teaching.

171 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park

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