Trinity Academy of Irish Dance

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Irish dance academy has locations in northwest Chicago,Arlington Heights, Lakeview, South Loop, Downers Grove, Elmhurst ,St. Charles and Western Springs. Instructors use a distinct,noncompetitive teaching method that places children on a "journey"through Ireland , teaching the beauty of the dance form as well ascultural and life lessons along the way. Classes for kids ages 4-5run 45 minutes weekly from September through August. Classes forkids 6-12 run one hour weekly from September through August.Students and families are also invited to participate in optionalextracurricular dancing activities and family events. Special boyspromotion is available. Open enrollment for the 2008-9 year takespalce through September 1. For more information, please visit theWeb site or call toll free at 877-326-2328.

Taste of Trinity 6-day workshops are offered at six locationsthroughout the Chicago area in July and August. Kids 4-12 candiscover the basics of Irish dance. Visit the Web site for aschedule. The cost is $95. Enrollment opens in February.