The Lycée Francais de Chicago

FROM THE Education

The Lycée Français de Chicago has been providing a world class education to American and international students since 1995. Beginning at the 3-year-old level (Pre-K) with French immersion and continuing through 12th grade, Lycée students thrive in a unique multicultural, dual-language learning environment. Instruction is provided in French and English, and students follow either the French Baccalaureate or the International Baccalaureate courses of study.

Both are comprehensive honors programs that enable Lycée students to graduate with an edge on college admission and their life endeavors. Our multicultural, dual-language curriculum brings together the best of the French and American education systems. Dual-language education enhances interpersonal and academic skills helping to distinguish our students in an increasingly competitive world. Parents do not need to speak French for their children to enter or succeed at the Lycée. And the Lycée is not just for French families. An increasing number of English-speaking students are enrolling each year at the Lycée so they too can reap the benefits of learning in a dual-language environment.

These students are taught French through immersion in preschool or follow a welcoming class program (1st to 5th grade) to be quickly integrated into the main curriculum. Non-French speaking high school students can also enter the Lycée in 9th or 10th grade and follow our high school program leading to the International Baccalaureate.