St. Thecla School

FROM THE Education

Why choose Thecla? Education at St. Thecla School is designed to provide an inclusive Catholic education for all students. At St. Thecla School, all students are given an opportunity to partake in a religious educational setting. We believe that all students are entitled to receive a Catholic school experience regardless of ability or disability. Here at St. Thecla we offer resource teachers and dedicated lead teachers and staff to work more closely with students to obtain individual goals. At St. Thecla, we all raise the standards!

St. Thecla School is an amazing school where students in prekindergarten through 8th grade learn to value the diverse cultures that shape who we are as a community. At St. Thecla School, students are loved, respected, and celebrated, and they are taught to show their love for others by serving our community. Our school is blessed with caring students, a dedicated staff, active parents, and committed parishioners.

St. Thecla School is also paving the way with iPads and Smart Board technology that are fully integrated into our curriculum. This technology allows St. Thecla to fulfill students' educational needs and adjust to their lifestyles, incorporate collaborative learning, and most importantly, provide our children with the opportunity to explore learning and to teach each other.

We invite you to explore our website to gain a sense of St. Thecla's educational philosophy, but the best way to get to know St. Thecla School is to visit us! We welcome you to schedule a tour so you can see the classrooms, meet our faculty and students, and have all of your questions answered. To schedule a tour, please contact our Principal, Dan Gargano at, or call 773-763-3380.