Near North Montessori School

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Located in the vibrant Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, Near North Montessori is a powerful educational experience for children aged six months through eighth grade that draws its energy and inspiration from the students, families and teachers who call this school home.

From the day we first opened our doors over 50 years ago, we made a commitment to create an extraordinary place to grow with high academic standards, strong moral and ethical values, and a passion for learning. Upon arriving, students won’t find the traditional lineup of desks in rows, textbooks and rote memorization. What they’ll discover instead are dynamic learning laboratories – a school alive with students exploring questions about the world around them. Serving as a guide, the teacher carefully orchestrates this journey, looking for ways to spark creativity and imagination. Teachers cultivate the three Rs - respect, responsibility and resilience - and celebrate those teachable moments where students stand on the precipice of trying something new. This is a place that will give them not just challenging academics but the skills to strengthen their humanity and set their moral compass in a committed, compassionate direction.

In the classroom and as a community we take a purposeful, fearless look at ourselves, our differences, and our connections. Our commitment to diversity promotes an environment of respect based on equity and inclusion in which students become allies for each other while developing awareness of social and global justice issues. Together, we work to create a warm, welcoming community where young hearts and minds take flight.


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