Christian Heritage Academy

FROM THE Education

From Early Childhood education, through Elementary, Middle, and Upper School, Jesus Christ is the firm foundation upon Whom CHA is built. Our Mission Statement commends us to equip children "to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ," and this is the impetus for all we do at Christian Heritage Academy. We begin with the Bible as the basis for learning at CHA and our Statement of Faith, Philosophy of Education and Core Values guide us as we utilize the best available textbooks and design a comprehensive curriculum for academic instruction.

Leading the way

CHA is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education. Named "Best Christian Workplace" for five years by the Best Christian Workplace Institute and honored as a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School, CHA continually strives for excellence.

Chicago Campus opens

In Fall 2010, our Chicago Campus at Park Community Church opened in downtown Chicago. Currently offering preschool through first grade classes as well as programs designed for two year olds, this extension of Christian Heritage Academy in the heart of the city is growing!

Upper School established

Building on a legacy of distinctive preschool-8th grade education, CHA opened its Upper School in Fall 2009, beginning with 9th grade, rolling out with an additional class each year through 12th grade. Our first graduating class will be 2013.