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Night at the museum, Chicago-style

If your kids have watched the two "Night at the Museum" movies, they may be interested in having their own overnight experience at a local museum.

Visit history in Michigan

Eight days by stage coach from Chicago–or these days just five hours by the trusted family Ford–lands

American dream in crisis

Switching schools, household overcrowding as family and friends pool resources and crumbling social support systems are other pitfalls threatening to swallow up children who have lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis, which promises to get worse before it gets better.

Mayor’s Office of Special Events

Celebrate with the whole city!  There are many events during the month of October.  Join Chicago Parent

Bring on the birds

From our backyards, to the forest preserves, and even the lakefront, Chicagoans are lucky to be surrounded

The pain never ends

After Peter Cruz finished up the special breakfast his mom fixed him, he kissed both her cheeks, her forehead, her nose and her chin and headed off the few blocks to school.
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Cantigny Park Provides Enhanced Glasses for Colorblind Visitors

The enhanced glasses help guests with red-green colorblindness see the colors of the grounds with a greater range of variety.

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