How to strengthen your marriage after baby arrives

My wife is out all day at play groups, toddler gym, the park—anywhere but home. So when I come home from work, everything still needs to be done around the house!"

Hart’s heart has room to spare

It’s a busy day in the studio for Kathy Hart. Actor Tim Robbins calls in for a chat,

Understanding eating disorders

Eating disorders are complex mental disorders more about misusing food to deal with emotions than about food itself.

Overcoming childhood obesity

DeDe Molter’s oldest son was considered skinny until he hit second grade.

Unhealthy body image, unhealthy mind

Amanda Elliott told her mom she’d "rather die than be fat."

Goodbye, dear friend

It’s a conversation no parent wants to have with their child. We know at some point, our children will learn about dying

HIV-testing eyed for all Illinois students

Tuberculosis, hepatitis, measles, mumps and rubella: It’s the law that in order to go to school,

There to help when needed

Julia Covarrubias never thought of herself as a bad parent. But she wondered how a good parent

Not just fun and games

Ashley Rapaport was in sixth grade when she started running track. But a year later, she got hurt.

Cochlear implants 101

Last year was particularly eventful for the Haas family of Chicago.
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