Eliminate the need for diapers

When moms first tell friends and family they plan to start potty training before their babies have outgrown their first onesie, people usually say the scheme is crazy.

Putting baby to sleep safely

Probably one of the only times parents leave babies and toddlers unattended is when they put their child in the crib

Advocating for change

In the middle of the night, Mary Schneider sat straight up in bed.

Banking on hope

Researchers believe that stem cells, extracted from umbilical cords at birth, may hold the promise of a cure

Putting baby to bed safely

Parents baby-proof the house, sterilize the bottles and double-check the car seat installation.

The case for more tummy time

In 1992, the American Academy of Pediatrics introduced the "back to sleep" campaign.

Fun with babies

Moms and dads took some time out to share their favorite things to do with their babies.

The wonder of newborns

Some parents see their newborn as a crying, sleeping, eating and pooping machine.

A baby to love

On Aug. 27, at 9:10 a.m., Sarah Stauffenberg delivered a healthy baby boy.

Baby’s first workout

Tummy Time" is a familiar phrase for most new parents. Since the early ’90s "Back to Sleep" campaign,
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