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Teaching Kids Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the ability to visualize a change in the position of things. Here are some tips to help grow your preschooler's spatial thinking.

Successful School Habits

From setting goals to asking for help, here are a few tips to ensure your kids have a successful school year.

Back-to-School Guide for Chicagoland Families

Get ready for a new school year!

Simple Tips That Will Help Your Kids Thrive This School Year

These little things will make a big impact for them.

How Kids Can Make Friends in School

Here are a few ways to set your child up for social success.

Use Summer Months to Keep (or Advance!) Your Kid’s Smarts

Brought to you by Academic Approach

New Illinois Law Allows Kids to Take Mental Health Absences in School

The new law enables students to take five mental health days as excused absences throughout the school year.

How to Help Your Kid Adjust to a New School

These tips can help with the transition.

Illinois School Mask Mandate Ruling: What Parents Need to Know

We break down on what the ruling means for Chicagoland students.

The Kids Are Not All Right: Learning Losses from COVID-19

With teacher and supple shortages, fluctuating COVID numbers and learning losses, how are Illinois' kids really faring?
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Helping the Child Who Is Struggling With Reading

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Self-Esteem Activities to Build Your Child’s Confidence

Help your little one grow into a confident young adult with these fun activities.

A New Indoor Play Space Opens at Lincoln Park Zoo

The Houston Family Play Treehouse is an accessible sensory experience that encourages children to explore nature.

Make Mealtimes Fun With these Kid-Approved Gadgets

Get creative with these ideas.