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Who’s Teaching Our Kids? A Detailed Look at K-12 Teachers

We created a detailed break down of K-12 teachers by education level, race, and more.

Roll Call Reboot: When to Decide to Keep Your Child Home From School

Are they sick or do they just want a day off? And does the reason even matter?

How Homework in America Has Changed Over The Year

Homework: The mere mention of this word can ignite fiery debates in households and schools alike.

5 Strategies for a Successful School Year

Brought to you by Academic Approach

A Parent’s Guide for Handling Concerning Grades

What to do when it’s Progress Report time at your child’s school.

Why Students Should Advocate for Themselves

Learn how you can help your child become their own best advocate.

What Parents Should Know About ChatGPT in Education

Experts break down the impact of ChatGPT in the classroom.

Common Core Math: How to Help Your Kids

Even if you know nothing about Common Core math, we share homework help tips from experts.

What Parents Need to Know About the 2024 Illinois Education Budget

Learn how our state is funding K-12 education and early childhood educators during the 2023-2024 school year.

‘Education’s Long COVID’: New Data Shows Recovery Stalled for Most Students

The study, based on assessment results from 6.7 million students, shows that learning disruptions due to the pandemic are far from over.
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