Make the most of parent-teacher conferences

As a parent and a teacher, I’ve been on both sides of the parent-teacher conference table.

Are we raising bad spellers?

When Ami Kulik graded the first set of language arts papers from her eighth grade students

No lame ducks

For families hoping to look beyond the two-party system, one more politician is up for consideration this election season

Pre-election activities for kids

"Vote4Me! Inside a Presidential Election." Get a behind-the-scenes perspective of the campaign season

Executive decision

As parents head to the polls Nov. 4, many will cast ballots based on who they think will provide the best possible

jumdel, jumble, judmel

Twenty years ago when Eric Cooper was a boy growing up on Chicago’s North Shore, his elementary school teachers

Fundraising by the book

Schools hold fundraisers each year and behavior by their parent volunteers may endanger the very communities

Assistive technology can help your child with special needs

It is never too early to consider assistive technology for your child with special needs.

Prepare yourself and your child for the challenges and changes of middle school

It’s a time to stretch boundaries. A time to challenge authority. A time to carve out an identity,

How to raise socially and emotionally balanced high achievers in the age of ‘achievement-craze’

Attending a high-achieving school has its perks. But there is a downside, too -- hyper-competition.
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