Grammar school – beyond teaching to the test

We all remember what it was like back in school, sitting on the edge of the seat, waiting for the teacher to hand out "the test."

Preschool education:

Today’s parents have a dizzying array of options when it comes to thinking about preschool for their children.

Education curriculum of the future

Today’s parents remember a much different classroom than the one in which their kids are learning today.

Fostering a love of reading

If fifth-grader Tianna Pabon of Humboldt Park didn’t attend Centro Nuestro after school, she figures she’d just be sitting at home with nothing to do

The power of observation

Observation is an important skill that helps children learn to read and develop an interest in science.

Have fundraiser fatigue?

As Susan Doherty and her neighbor Larry Jacobs found themselves talking about all the fundraisers they’d endured with their school-aged children, they started dreaming about something better.

Make sense of the election process

Have you ever tried explaining the election process to your kids?

Homeschooling 101

A year before her son was going to start preschool, Heather Manahan began considering the option of homeschooling.

Tracy Fisher

Tracy Fisher, a state Pre-K teacher at Chicago Public Schools’ Peirce School of International Studies, is a 2007 Kohl McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award winner.

Reading equals school successes

Trying to teach a child to read is anything but elementary. Two of my three sons had difficulty and by second grade required Reading Recovery, a reading intervention program.
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