AAPI Books for Kids of All Ages

Introduce your kids to the Asian American Pacific Island cultures with books right at their reading level.

Educational YouTube Channels for Kids to Watch

YouTube can be a great learning resource for your child!

How to Address Racism in Kids’ Books and Movies

Sometimes kids' media isn't as sweet as it seems and feature instances of intolerance.

Free Educational Games for Kids

Play these fun games.

Feminist Books You Can Read with Kids

Celebrate women during Women's History Month and beyond with these books for kids of all ages.

Poetry Foundation Offers Your Kids Lots to Love

Brought to you by Poetry Foundation

How to Help Your Kid Adjust to a New School

These tips can help with the transition.

Best Acting Classes for Kids in Chicagoland

Break a leg! Kids can shine as they learn more about theater.

Academic Tutoring Can Empower Your Child to Take Ownership

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Illinois School Mask Mandate Ruling: What Parents Need to Know

We break down on what the ruling means for Chicagoland students.
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