Back-to-School Guide for Chicagoland Families

Back-to-school season always sneaks up on us. After taking in the summer fun, we know it’s time to prepare our kids for a new school year. How do you smooth the transition from the sun to the routine of the classroom? What’s the easiest way to pack lunches? And how do you make back-to-school a time to celebrate, not dread?

That’s why we created this back-to-school guide to help make this time as smooth as it can be — especially for parents! Below, you’ll find general back-to-school tips, organizing your school routines and how to continue the learning at home.

And be sure to bookmark this page as we add more helpful information for your back-to-school planning in the next few weeks. Cheers to another great school year!

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Preparing for back to school is more than just checking off your child’s supply list. We’re changing our children’s routines to make sure they’re ready for a school environment again. There are ways to help with back-to-school jitters like reading books or trying some fun first day of school traditions.

Find more back-to-school tips to get your whole family ready for school again.

School Lunch Ideas for Kids That Go Beyond PB&J

Even your picky eaters will love these ideas!

Back-To-School Books to Read with Kids

Here are fun books for kids to help ease back-to-school jitters.


With parents worry about COVID-19 and other illnesses, they want to make sure kids stay healthy when back to school. We shared some health tips below.

The Current CDC Vaccine Schedule for Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed their 2022 vaccine guidelines.
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We’re so busy getting our kids ready for school again, but what about us parents? This could be a really stressful time with non-stop planning! This is a reminder to take a step back when you’re feeling overwhelmed. To help make the back-to-school season a little easier, we offer some quick organization tips below.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Busy School Mornings

These recipes will give your kids the fuel they need to get going for the day.

How to Say Goodbye to Relaxed Summer Sleep Schedules

The start of school requires more sleep for your kiddos.

6 Tips for No-Stress School Mornings

Your day can begin smoothly. It is possible!

How to Get Organized Before the Back-to-School Hustle Begins

School will be here before you know it!


Learning doesn’t only have to happen during school time. You can enrich your children with more education thanks to these fun activities like science experiments or sensory bins. These learning activities can also help kids get excited about school again.

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