Tracy Jensen

The secret revealed: What working moms in Chicago really do at night

The work doesn't stop for working moms. Tracy reveals just what it is that working moms do when they get home at night.

Spring has sprung in Chicago: Bring on the itch

For Tracy, the first signs of eczema and allergies, an all too common occurrence in kids these days, means spring has sprung.

Chicago mom finds the silver lining in relentless cold weather

Instead of complaining about the cold weather, Tracy decided to make better use of her time and energy. Craft day, anyone?

Parent outrage over leggings ban comes to Chicago-area schools

The recent uproar among parents across the country over the banning of leggings in some schools is leaving Tracy shaking her head.

Stepping offline: A Chicago mom’s life off Facebook

Many of us have trouble living our lives off of Facebook. But when we can finally pull ourselves away, life can be so much more enjoyable.

Pinterest for school projects: Cheating Chicago kids out of creativity?

Let's admit it, so many ideas today come from Pinterest. When it comes to school projects, Tracy wonders if relying on the online inspiration board is doing a disservice to kids' creative thinking more than it is helping.

Chicago families brave winter road trip: What could go wrong?

It's just a winter road trip. What could go wrong? Unfortunately for Tracy Jensen, just about everything! But even after disaster upon disaster, she's still looking forward to her next family road trip.
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