Susan Sheinkop, M.D.

Winter weather dangers: Know the signs of hypothermia and frostbite

Winter can be all fun and games as long as you take the right precautions.

Chicago mom and pediatrician: Why I am passionate about childhood vaccines

Receiving accurate information regarding vaccines is extremely important. Dr. Sheinkop, a Chicago-area based pediatrician, shares why vaccinations are important to her, as a mom first and foremost.

4 family resolutions for 2015

When thinking about resolutions for the New Year, think about ways to keep your family healthy and happy.

Cold medicines: Are they really safe and effective for your child?

Choosing the right cold medicine for your sick child can be overwhelming. Use this cold medicine breakdown to pinpoint your child's symptoms and get them the relief they need.

Nitpicking: How to manage and treat head lice

They are two words no parent wants to see in a note from school: Head lice. Although they are a nuisance, lice pose no health problems and with proper treatment will be gone soon enough.

Flu season: Protecting and treating your child against Influenza

It's flu season, and while viruses such as enterovirus D68 and Ebola have made headlines recently, Influenza presents an even greater, imminent danger.

5 important questions to ask about Enterovirus D-68

News about Enterovirus D-68 is sweeping the nation. Here's what you need to know and how you can protect your family.

Back-to-school countdown: Tips for a successful start to the school year

Set the tone for a good school year by easing kids back into school time routines.

How to Handle a Picky Eater

Try these tips to make mealtime easier.

Tips to help make potty training a success for your child

Like many developmental milestones in children, potty training success is based on each individual child. Take a few steps to help prepare them and when they're ready, they'll succeed.
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