Susan Beacham

Find ways to beat the ho-ho-woes

January quickly follows on the heels of the holiday season. It’s the month you dread because of the retail therapy

Thank you and so long for now

When I started writing this column in December 2004, I was 46 years old and my girls were just 13 and 10.

A great way to learn about money

Summer is time to think about reading for fun—at the beach, curled up on the front porch swing,

Money ‘notes’ for every family

I have been following my own money advice for many years now.

Mommy, daddy, are we rich?

My girls have asked many times, "Are we rich?" Each time, I would answer that we were very rich because we had each other

How to keep the ‘gift’ in your gift cards

At her last birthday party, my daughter Allison, now 16, received almost nothing but gift cards.

Turn the housing crisis into a lesson

When I was 10, my grandmother told me about homes in our southwest side neighborhood that were—at one point—selling

Were you naughty or nice?

You knew it would come and here it is: January. The bows are gone and the bills have arrived. Don’t despair.

Gifts that won’t break the bank

Here we are at the height of the holiday buying season, the moment when it starts to look like there’s no way we’ll escape December with our sanity, much less our budget and bank accounts, intact.

Make a list and check it twice

The holiday season is upon us and already we can feel the rush.
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