Sharon Miller Cindrich

Big TVs, little kids

Many of us worry about what our kids are watching on TV, not the TV itself. But it's a household danger that is often overlooked. Follow these tips to avoid injuries.

How to digitally scrapbook your summer photos

Check out these four unique ways to preserve your summer memories.

How to make sure your child is safe playing Xbox or PlayStation Live

Stick close to ratings and follow these simple guidelines to keep your gamers safe from other players.

A guide to iTunes U for kids and families

Summer learning is a lot easier with help from iTunes U.

The best apps for new parents

First time parent? There are apps for that. We've gathered the best apps for new parents to learn about, measure, soothe and distract...

Should your kids be using Instagram?

In this month's Plugged-In Parent column, Sharon Miller Cindrich tackles what you need to know before letting your kids join Instagram.

Is Snapchat safe for our kids?

Snapchat is all the rage with today's kids. Even though they think it's the safer way to share their photos, there are still ground rules you need to consider.

How to get kids to unplug during a play date

In the whirl of video games, movies and fancy tech games, is there still a place for unplugged, imaginative play?

The best online resources to help your family celebrate Black History Month

Read the stories, visit historical monuments and help your child discover a colorful history this February.

How to choose an online tutoring site

Feeling helpless when it comes to your child's homework? Online tutoring might be the solution.
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