Sharon Miller Cindrich

When should I unfriend my kid’s Facebook friends?

If your kid breaks off a friendship with a group, some of whom you're connected to on Facebook, should you remove them from your Facebook friend list?

How much should you share about baby online?

Here are some guidelines to help new parents protect their baby's privacy.

Computers in Chicago classrooms: Yes or no?

Will getting your middle schooler a computer for in-class notes improve her grades? Not necessarily.

Expert answers questions on toddler and school tech

How do you stop guests from giving your toddler toys that revolve around technology? Sharon Cindrich Miller has some tips.

Best educational apps for Chicago kids

Need help finding the right educational app for your preschooler? We've got some tips to get you started.

Should kids use e-readers in bed?

It's not always safe for kids to bring an e-reader to bed--and here's why.

How to disconnect the babysitter from technology

Is your babysitter too tuned in to technology? We've got some tips to help turn off the tech.

Raising tech crazy tots in Chicago

This month, Plugged-in Parent features an issuing facing more and more parents: Use of computers in day care and preschool.

When your kids want to unfriend grandma

Plugged-in Parent columnist Sharon Miller Cindrich tackles a sticky Facebook situation that might hurt Grandma's feelings.

Why your baby shouldn’t suck on your cellphone

When you are out and about, you might see parents trying to keep the kids entertained with keys and cellphones. This month's Plugged-In Parent addresses the question of cellphone dangers.
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