Selena Kohng

A Chicago Public Schools strike then and now

One mom's take on the CPS strike and what's at stake.

When baby makes 5, how do you cope?

Blogger Selena Kohng is back, five months after the birth of her third child. She's wondering how other families cope with having three children.

Chicago mom: MIdwife for me for baby #3

I'm using a midwife for baby #3. I feel scared sometimes, yes, and even a little crazy, but empowered and excited to be taking a different path on this familiar journey.

Our neighbors to the north: an unofficial visitor’s guide to Lincolnwood in Chicago

I've found myself spending time in Lincolnwood a lot these days - and not by accident. Here are some ways to get to know this friendly neighbor to the north.

What to expect when you weren’t expecting

It’s funny that "someday" has a knack for showing up when I don’t feel ready—when I’m just getting the hang of juggling two kids.

Dear Whole Foods: Chicago mom gets a few things off her chest

Every time I walk into my Whole Foods, I feel like a minor in a liquor store: Surrounded by stuff I shouldn’t have access to, and trying to act like I know what I'm doing.

Summer in Chicago: What are you looking forward to?

Just when you think you can't bear to spend another winter in this city, summer comes along and makes it all worth it. Here's what I can't wait for.

Go (north)west, young man: The best spots on Chicago’s northwest side for kids and families

Chicago's northwest side is the wallflower of the urban parent world: unassuming and not necessarily dressed to impress, but totally cool in its own right.

Meeting the Bloggers: Selena

Meet Selena, a Sauganash mom to two boys ("the brain" and "the brawn") who loves bargain-hunting, her iPad and her little corner of the city.
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