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Charity puts kids on the go

Variety's Kids on the Go helped one area boy get back on the court with a donated wheelchair made specifically for basketball.

Music, art therapy helps kids find their creative side

A program of the Music Institute of Chicago helps more than 1,500 kids with special needs each year through art and music therapy.

Hockey league lets kids put best skate forward

With the Blackhawks fresh off their run for the Stanley Cup, hockey is hotter than ever in Chicago. And the Blackhawks-sponsored Tomahawks league offers people with special needs a place to learn.

Cartoon characters make allergy awareness fun

Kids have a personal sense of style. That’s what Iris Shamus was counting on when she started AllerMates, a line of medical alert jewelry for children with food allergies.

Children’s Memorial giving kids a new way to breathe

A doctor at Chicago's Children's Memorial hospital is one of only a few doctors in the world helping kids breathe with tracheotomies.

New gymnastics breaks same old routine for kids with special needs

A Big Blast is offering the northwest suburbs a new take on gymnastics classes for children with special needs.

Education can make the difference in special-needs bullying cases

Kids fear - and often make fun of - what they don't understand. Education about special needs can make would-be bullies think twice.

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