Sandi Pedersen

Adventure, friendship fill this month’s list

Lucy is 17 and very happy living with her loving foster parents. Her mother is the town’s crazy homeless lady

Books that will keep you reading

Cecilia is not really just a peasant girl who lives in a small hut in a small village outside the palace

Mysteries and fantasies fill bookshelf

Samuel and Martha find themselves living in Norway with Aunt Eda only days after their parents are killed in a car accident.

Great books to fill an afternoon

Thirteen-year-old Jonah and his best friend, Chip, are adopted. Things get interesting for the pair when they begin

Fantasy and danger await readers

Tamisin always felt a little out of place. The Halloween she was 11,

Books not to be missed

Piper can fly. The problem is small towns don’t like strange things like a girl who can fly.

Fill summer with good books

Have you ever visited The Field Museum and thought about what would happen if all the creatures

Mystery, intrigue and spies will keep you reading

Natalie waits everyday on one corner for her bus to private school.

Exploding socks, flying horses and the really tall

Leo is a high school senior, president of the Young Republicans Club and headed to Harvard.

A perfect time for a blanket and a good book

When Henry’s parents are kidnapped, the 12-year-old must leave his life in Boston to live with his aunt and uncle
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