Ryan Salzwedel

Baker & Nosh

Kids will love watching the cooks in the window display along Wilson Avenue. Moms and dads will love the reasonably priced bread, plus unique cheese options and pâtés.

What dads really expect

The male "father figure" has not been portrayed as the brightest by Hollywood lately. We've seen Ward Cleaver evolve into Al Bundy, Homer...

Parenting: Chicago versus suburbs – Chicago

Ryan Salzwedel with the argument for why parents should raise kids in the city.

Ratcheting up the Christmas spirit

Ryan Salzwedel hasn't been able to get into the Christmas spirit. But he's trying. He's REALLY trying.

The non-material things

Ryan Salzwedel has taken a different approach to being thankful since the economy tumbled.

Public images, and what our children get from them

Ryan Salzwedel is suddenly seeing images he saw before in a whole new light.

Questions About Homework

Ryan Salzwedel muses over setting up homework routines - and learning how much "help" parents should give.

Gymnastics – Ninja for boys

Ryan Salzwedel lets go of preconceived notions about boys and gymnastics.

Holy Cow! Chicago’s “Purple Cow” dishes out great ice cream

My son is addicted to ice cream. And so with much fanfare and jubilation we welcomed "The Purple Cow" to our neighborhood.

A quick, healthy family dinner at Mista in Chicago

At first, the combination of recommendation from one of our "single friends," its Andersonville location, and the word “Mista” conjured up images of white tablecloths, wine glasses, and evil stares from non-breeders. But Mista is a cozy, unpretentious and affordable spot for a family dinner.
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