Robyn Monaghan

Highland Park pediatric dentist helping tongue-tied babies

After just three days, it was painfully clear that breastfeeding wasn't working for Karen Poskozim or her newborn son.

Medically fragile kids find a home at Children’s Habilitation Center

Staff at CHC aims to make life as normal and happy as possible for children who may never go home with their families.

Making the most of the third grade

What's so special about being "Great at 8"?

Chicago’s disappearing middle class

Chicago families struggle to help their kids bridge gaps between social classes to fulfill the American Dream.

A sneak peek inside the new Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Children's Memorial Hospital moves June 9 to a new $855 million state-of-the-art facility at 225 E. Chicago Ave. that envelops patients and their families in a milieu of tranquility, nature and art, all painstakingly crafted to ease the anxiety that comes with being in the hospital.

Illinois’ budget balancing act may be robbing the cradle

The recession and budget cuts are hitting kids hardest, and a new report from Illinois Kids Count warns that our future will be poorer unless we keep investing in kids now.

Science deficit

Science, technology, engineering and math—STEM—are the four formidable subjects the state of Illinois and the rest of the country need to seriously shore up if the United States is going to compete on the worldwide economic scene.

Special needs trusts

Tough decisions to be made before crisis strikes.

Love, marriage and special needs

It takes work, but couples can survive a disability.

When kids walk in

Ever had your child walk in while you were having sex? Experts say parents put more emphasis on the embarrassment than kids do. And they warn that you shouldn't let it stop you from having sex.
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