Robin Huiras

Mommy connections

With school programs, afternoon activities and weekend events, managing children’s schedules

Throw an environmentally-friendly birthday party

Between paper plates, decorations, crumpled gift wrap and the newest plastic toys and electric gadgets, birthday parties have a carbon footprint that far exceeds your kids size fives.

Leave no child inside

Playing outside seems like such a simple thing.

No limits for kids

Just as a specialty camp exists for just about any type of kid, kids with special needs can attend just about any camp.

Back to nature

This summer, Mother Nature will assume the leading role at dozens of summer camps across the Chicago region.

City mom

Although she’s a child of the suburbs, Tracey Keenen’s a city girl at heart.

Country mom

Like many young professionals, Kristin Daus’ lifestyle revolved around Chicago—she worked downtown, rented an apartment in a trendy neighborhood, used public transportation and took advantage of Chicago’s many diversions.

Suburbs or the city?

Whether from a bustling city ward or tranquil suburban subdivision, a child’s health and happiness depends less on where they’re raised and more on who’s raising them and how, experts say.

Recalled toys

For many children, toys are the wellspring of imagination—a tool for healthy development. But within the past several months, nearly 11 million children’s toys have been deemed dangerous and associated with causing death.

Better than gold

While her daughter was a patient at Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit,
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