Robin Huiras

Chicago mom gets to know her dad two decades after his death

Since becoming a mom, writer Robin Huiras has started to realize things about her dad that she'd never known before.

Easy ways to make healthy eating a back-to-school priority

Making a picky eater the head chef can help spark an interest in eating a healthy and balanced diet

Having Diana: Robin’s story

With a fatal mutation in her own genetic code, one couple finds a way to make their family complete.

Most new moms suffer from forgetfulness and memory loss

You're not losing your mind. And you're not alone -- data suggests about 80 percent of new moms experience some type of memory loss.

jumdel, jumble, judmel

Twenty years ago when Eric Cooper was a boy growing up on Chicago’s North Shore, his elementary school teachers

Grieving moms donate breast milk to honor their baby’s memory

When the unthinkable happens, some women are finding help and healing through the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank.

A healthy future is all that matters

For Tamera Garrett, living with a child affected by a growth disorder has been a rollercoaster ride of struggle and success.

Courage to be herself

Mid-way through her pregnancy 11 years ago, Bobbi McGrath knew something was wrong.

Charting growth

Deno Andrews would shock strangers with his vocabulary, drawing comments such as ‘he’s very wise for his age’

Taking the stress out of school

Spending the day away from home, meeting new people and the prospect of learning are the hallmarks of beginning
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