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Promising research at Chicago area children’s hospitals

From food allergies to brain tumors, we take a close look at eight studies currently underway at Chicago's leading children's hospitals that promise to change the face of pediatric medicine.

What to do when your insurance claim is denied: Chicago experts weigh in

Step one: Don't despair. Step two: Take action. We'll show you how.

How to tame toddler tantrums

Punishing toddlers’ negative behavior may lead to behavioral problems later on, especially for boys, found a new study by the University of Illinois.

SIDS risk goes up during cold weather

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome will claim the lives of 2,300 infants this year, and experts say risk increases during colder months.

Military kids struggle when parents are deployed, new study finds

We know all about the mental health dangers facing troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. But children suffer, too, when their parents are deployed, a new study confirms.

Counter safety: Is it really out of your kids’ reach?

Putting your steaming latte or curling iron on a countertop isn’t enough to protect grabby little hands, a new study says.

Puppy love is a good thing for kids, docs say

If you're on the receiving end of "Can we get a puppy?," three new studies might make you consider adding a canine to your home.

Ways to limit your child’s X-ray exposure

Five questions you should ask before your child goes into the X-ray room.

Online form makes it easy to build your family health history

Building a family health history -- a crucial piece of information for doctors -- is just a few clicks away.

Helping kids become socially responsible eaters

Set your kids up with healthy habits for noshing with friends.
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