Rebecca Little

Chicago mom supports kid-free weddings

Rebecca loves kids and she loves weddings. Just not together.

Chicago mom and the all boys club

Rebecca is expecting her third baby boy! She's elated, so why does everyone think she's missing out on something?

The best local places for maternity clothes in Chicago

Maternity clothes today are almost cool enough to wear when you're not pregnant. The selections at these local stores will make you feel great for nine months and beyond.

Chicago mom: Turn your kids’ art projects into heirlooms

Out of the hundreds of art projects your kids will create over the years, only some are actually worth keeping. Here are three ways to turn them into something special.

The best places in Chicago to shop for baptism gowns

In search of a christening or bris outfit? Rebecca rounded up the best places in Chicago and the suburbs to buy these special occasion pieces.

“All Joy and No Fun,” the next book Chicago parents should read

Let's face it, sometimes parenting can be all joy and no fun. And Rebecca found a book that perfectly describes that paradox.

Chicago mom: 25 things I can’t do when my kids are awake

The time between 7:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. is important to Rebecca. It's the only time during her day when she can get anything done!

Overprotecting kids in Chicago: Helpful or harmful?

The idea of having an eye on our kids 24/7 is appealing to many parents, but is it really the best thing for them?

New interactive show perfect for Chicago dinosaur lovers

Housing an amateur paleontologist? Check out Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, in town through March 30th.

Chicago mom navigates the competitive world of Preschool sign up

Camping out overnight in freezing Chicago temps to secure a coveted morning Preschool spot is just not something Rebecca is willing to do. Call her a slacker mom all you want, at least she's warm.
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