Polly Stanoch Rix

Tommy’s journey

Tommy Boyce is a typical toddler -- curious, active and loves learning about the world around him. But due to a respiratory birth defect, his daily routine couldn't be more different.

Navigating care for a medically complex child

Managing the health care of a child with complex medical issues is challenging, even for the most organized parent.

YMCA can offer help

Ashley Rowden knows what it is like to live on a tight budget.

What about health care?

A medical emergency without medical insurance could be devastating financially.

When unemployment hits home

Perhaps you were expecting your company’s layoffs. You knew business has been very slow for quite some time.

Art meets storytelling

The rich culture of her Ukrainian Village neighborhood is the perfect place for Lydia Garry to share her passion for art

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A Must Try Recipe

Watch This, Do That: Hidden Figures

"It's good to know NASA hasn't given up on good, old-fashioned brain power."

8 Anti-Racism Videos to Watch with Your Kids

Add these YouTube videos to your playlist.