Molly Logan Anderson

The challenges and benefits of AP

Should your teen take Advanced Placement courses in high school? Arm yourself with our advice and talk to your school.

Montessori schools – educating the whole child

Montessori schools go beyond the ABC's of regular academics - teaching kids how to be well-rounded, thoughtful people, who learn at their own pace.

Yummy creations

Not everyone is satisfied with a homemade, lopsided double chocolate birthday cake (gasp) and you can drive yourself crazy trying to create a cake that fits your party theme. Save yourself the hassle and check out the sweet masterpieces we've found.

Star of the party

Today's kids want to be the 'star' at their birthday party. Medieval Times, The Game Dudes, Adler Planetarium and the Bus of Fun are among the places that can make sure your child gets the star treatment.

Physical fitness inside school walls and beyond

Feed the body, feed the mind: That's the idea behind an emphasis on physical education at many local schools.

Meeting bullying behavior head-on

Chicago educators take bullying behavior seriously, by adopting zero-tolerance policies and putting proactive measures in place teach kids empathy at an early age.
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