Michelle Sussman

On bed rest? Keep yourself from going stir crazy

Bedrest can give moms time to do things they’ve been putting off. Here are 10 ideas to get you started passing the time.

Baby hygiene

You’re finally home from the hospital with your new bundle of joy.

A humorous and enlightening read

The Tao of Poop

She’s having a baby, but how?

 When the contractions get closer together and the baby is ready to arrive, it’s a little too late to consider how you want to give birth. Luckily, you can research your options and have a good idea of how you want to bring your new baby into the world before labor begins.  

Dying your hair when pregnant is safe, but err on the side of caution

When I discovered I was pregnant, I thought about the baby's sex (girl), decorating the nursery (moon and stars) and finding the perfect name (Tessa). But when my highlights began to grow out, I was suddenly faced with a decision many pregnant women confront: Should I dye or not?

When pregnancy takes a wrong turn

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, your nerves have probably kicked into high gear.

Fishing with the family

Take a new approach to the outdoors this summer by fishing with the kids.

Kids are rockin’ at Millennium Park

Almost every day of this summer—June 3-July 12 and July 16-Sept. 1—the Millennium Park

Keep their heads in the clouds

Kids big and small love to look skyward to check out what is in the air up there.

Illinois’ answer to the pyramids

If you’re into Native American history, you don’t have to travel far to visit the largest prehistoric Indian site
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