Megan Cottrell

More Chicago area schools on board with creating waste-free lunches

It's easy to get started creating waste-free lunches for your kids.

Docs advice on what to do when daddy time becomes scream fest

Stay calm and pick your moments when it comes to caring for baby.

Why experts say Chicago parents should worry about the drinking water

Think your drinking water is free of lead? Experts warn that despite city assurances, tap water might still carry toxic amounts of the chemical.

Doing good: Five stories that inspire us this month

Chicago is filled with people who use their energy and talents to make the Windy City and its suburbs such a great place to live while helping those around them. We selected five who are good examples of that giving nature. This holiday season, we hope they inspire you, too.

Lead poisoned: How many Chicago kids will be hurt if something isn’t done?

Lead continues to be a problem for Chicago kids. Veteran writer Megan Cottrell knew what problems to avoid and took steps to protect her son, but he was poisoned just the same. She calls other Chicago parents to action.

How Chicago families can simplify their summer

Less is more, so take on the summer at a slower pace and reconnect with the family.
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