Marianne Walsh

The Millennium Falcon and Me

How do you pronounce 'falcon'?

How One Organized Mom Overcame the Pandemic Attack

I rather felt like nothing.

A Mom’s Salute to Youth Sports Coaches

Seasons may be canceled, but coaches remain unsung role models.

The Show That Solves Movie Night Disputes

Mom shares her family's favorite show.

How motherhood is everything for this Chicago mom

Columnist Marianne Walsh considers herself a feminist slug.

Teaching your kid to be themself

It was Goliath vs. pajama day.

Why one Chicago mom is off to the races

Long live Tony the turtle.

This mom is let down by Abe Lincoln

A trip to Springfield provides parenting insight.

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A Must Try Recipe

Top Public Middle Schools in Illinois

Check to see if your school made the list.

Summer Camp in an Adventure Park? Oh, Yeah.

Brought to you by The Forge: Lemont Quarries.

Healthy Vision Development Begins From Birth

Brought to you by Midwestern University.

5 Sweet Maple Syrup Events in Chicagoland

Maple syrup season begins in late February.